In comparison with the equivalent sized internal combustion engines the steam turbines costs approximately double to three times the price, but this won't make the total ship building cost double. 

They still cost far less than fuel cell technology and there is already a complete aftermarket (spares & maintenance) ready available. Even classification rules for steam ships and steam turbines are ready available and together with the new IGF code, engineers can ensure the technical installations will be safe and these hydrogen steamships can be classed.


Steam turbines actually enable the ship operators to save on bunker bills - as there is no other economically viable way for running a vessel in MW size on hydrogen. The combination of steam turbines with electric propulsion has a name: 'Turbo-electric' drive. With turbo-electric drive the workload is always adjustable and the turbines need less maintenance and repair compared to diesel engines, so they are also cutting running costs by combining advantages of reliable, over the centuries sophisticated steam technology with modern electric propulsion technology. Also the quite considerable investments in MRV, EEDI and filter technologies or LNG retrofits could be saved for every single vessel - making additionally profit.