We can calculate with 1 million Euro per Megawatt installed power for onshore wind power (different sources i.e. Fraunhofer, Enova, Enercon) while offshore wind power costs are three times higher at the moment - whereby the prices further drop.

For the erection of the CSP plant and installing equipment we can calculate with 5200 €/kWnominal power That makes 260 million Euro for a 50 MW plant and includes already the steam turbines and generator set and an 8h salt storage. It sounds like a huge figure - but  if you consider maritime investments where a single cruise ship can cost up to 700 million Euro, you can see the proportion and it looks attractive again.

10 million Euro per location is my estimation for electrolysis and seems to me quite a realistic figure on basis of various input sources such as Audi, Solarfuel, E-ON, SwissGas or Wasserstoffstadt-Herten from existing projects —> times 2 (for two locations) makes for two units 20 million Euro. From this point here, everybody who knows his consumption, could be able to draw a rough picture about feasibility/viability. 


The location of infrastructure will be determined by geographic characteristics of the region: The coastline from both the Netherlands and Ireland are having excellent wind resources for using wind turbines for generating power offshore and even onshore - while in Morocco and Uruguay the intensity and hours of the sun are outstanding for using concentrated solar power plants (CSP) to gain renewable energy for our hydrogen production.

Onshore Windpower:

full load hours

electricity production per 1 kW installed power

(Northsea, near coastline)

>2000 h/a

2000 kWh/a

CSP (Concentrated Solar Power)

sun radiation

electricity production per 1 kW installed power

(MENA Regions)

>2300 h/a

4000 kWh/m²/a