It is my idea, that economical long-term success for a shipping company and calculable charter rates are based on independence from the coming future fuel price scenario. Fossil fuel prices are not a good basis for long term business, due to unpredictability. It is most likely that fuel costs will further rise to an extend we do not know and are already today the biggest part of the running costs next to crew wages - even though the price dip right now.

Producing hydrogen gas by wind (Norway, Netherland, Ireland) & sun (Uruguay, Marocco, Australia) for self-use, makes you safe a million dollar and more on bunker bills for each single vessel in the fleet each year. As some of us know - savings are profit! 

The amortization time will be between 14 - 22 years, depending on the amount of vessels running on hydrogen gas. An example with more detailed figures you can find on the page above. It's a screenshot of my calculation sheet regarding amortization including calculation for hydrogen consumption. It's a rough, but conservative calculation, not binding, but sufficient to draw yourself a picture about feasibility and viability. As this project is crucial for society, this is non-profit - so I like to share it with you. If you are interested (preferably to participate), please get in touch with me.