The 'long-term strategy' is that ship owners/operators dealing in global and short sea shipping as well as inland navigation are placing own wind and solar power plants all over the world - both on- and offshore - to produce clean hydrogen in large scale as an emission free ship fuel for the own fleet.

With this ’zero-emission-shipping’ project idea, all interested parties and particularly all ship owners and operators will get a free overview and hopefully inspiration about the ecological and economical benefits as well as today’s technical feasibility and are invited to follow this call.

The 'short-term strategy' is where we could start - by placing each 30 wind turbines onshore in Ireland and in The Netherlands with electrolysis and liquefaction plants standing next to it in order to feed a short sea shipping fleet of approximately 15 - 16 vessels sailing North West Europe.

The urgent ecological need is obvious in these days where we need to tackle climate change - a battle we all have to fight! Also the agreed IMO regulations TIER II & III for establishing (S)ECAs, EEDI and other environmental protection regulations are going to be implemented. Consequently most shipowners are evaluating which measures could be best for their needs to meet these regulations.

There is a great financial benefit of using renewable hydrogen as ship fuel: These ship owners and operators do not need to worry or invest for MRV, EEDI, Scrubber  technology installations or LNG retrofit - not even for future upcoming regulations. Instead, they are going to safe a million dollar and more on bunker bills for each single vessel in the fleet each year - savings are profit!


The main strategy for long term business success in shipping is stop using fossil fuels and instead a pool of ship owners, operators & shipping/maritime companies start producing own renewable fuel for self-use. That way, these pool members gain independence from the future fuel price scenario - without relying on the future fuel price scenario, shipowners can calculate accordingly with stable running costs, company growth and success could be planned on long-term view while creating jobs, strengthening local infrastructure while contributing to our common fight against climate change.